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In today’s day and age, when one hears singleness it can almost come off as a curse word; a trigger. The world gives off this false reality, that to be secure one needs to be in a relationship.

Where does our help come from? This question can trip us up at times, in a world that places a lot of pride on not asking for help. The reality is, that asking for help is an incredible gift. So, where are we asking for that help today?

Have you ever had a “good” thing go bad? Leaving you confused, insecure, maybe even doubtful? That’s the tricky thing about relationships. One moment everything can seem almost perfect..

I know that I for one have done things in my life that I certainly regret. I think all of us have. As a pastor, I’ve heard many people’s stories about how personal sin ruined their relationships and livelihoods. It’s heartbreaking to witness the collateral damage of sin.

We often talk about developing a daily habit of prayer and reading God’s Word. But what about worship? How do we practically incorporate worship into our busy schedules and develop a habit of worship?

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